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Jul 16 2012

Frat Party?

As I insinuated on the previous post, I have ridden some bumpy road (as was literally the case every morning riding the school bus to teach summer school at Quitman County Elementary School) while here at Delta State.  The uneasiness about joining TFA started with a pretty foolish blunder on my part during the application process.
During my interview at Purdue, my interviewers told me and the rest of the prospective CMs about the Mississippi Delta.  They explained that the Delta was a high-priority region that needed as many corps members as they could get.  After being accepted into TFA  I answered the call of arms by checking the Delta as my top preference (along with Nashville, Colorado, Chicago, and Indianapolis).  Of course, I ended up getting the Delta since it was a high-priority region and I was excited about that.  I took a bike trip through the state of Mississippi…

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Jul 15 2012


My Institute experience has finally passed.  The countdown to entering the real-world is twenty-one days away. My first day of teaching seventh grade social studies at JJ McClain Middle School in Lexington, Mississippi is twenty-one days way, August 6th.  I was advised by the friendly Delta First Eight Week Kickoff staff to record my experience of Institute, hence the…

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